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Making production by our company, a cap, is used for closuring of PET-bottles with beer, mineral water, carbonated and uncarbonated beverages, fruit juice and dairy products.

Our production allows keeping features and quality of drinks for a long time and thanks to it is in great demand at manufacturers of drinks in the market of Ukraine. Having short life cycle, the cap has time to execute plenty of functions such as: keep the production, give the necessary information to the buyer, pay attention of the consumer and satisfy requirements and needs.

Caps can be transparent, colored, with the press, a laser engraving and with a raised impression.

All types of a cap are produced from hight quality polyethylene of the leading European manufacturers. Used material is characterized by high density and low pressure. For cap coloring concentrates of dyes are used.

All caps together and everyone solve a problem of good and effective closures of PET-bottles for production of delivery are ready to use from manufacturer to consumer. At the beginning, the evolutionary development process of a cap solved a problem of how to safe the  production. Last years on the foreground there is a function solving marketing and logistical problems of the manufacturer. In this aspect logos and enterprise trade marks are put on a cap. Our company considers wishes of the clients and always can offer everyone an individual approach to logo or trade mark.

PAK-EXPO Ltd. produces the high-quality, pollution-free production which meets the international standards.

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