Caps are used for
closure PET-bottles with beer.

Height is 20 mm.
Outer diameter is 30 mm.
Inner diameter is 28 mm.

beer, juice, water.

Caps are used for closure PET-
bottles for strong carbonated

Height is 20 mm.
Outer diameter is 30,7 mm.
Inner diameter is 28 mm.

strong carbonated beverages.

Caps are used for closure PET-
bottles for dairy products and

Height is 15 mm.
Outer diameter is 40 mm.
Inner diameter is 38 mm.

dairy products and juices.


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PAK-EXPO Ltd. is the leader on manufacture of one-component polyethylene cap by a method of hot pressing. The main activity is manufacture and realisation of one-component polyethylene screw caps for the carbonated and uncarbonated beverages, juice, dairy products. The company successfully develops, and during its existence, has generated image and has got an operational experience in the ukrainian and european market on manufacture of caps.

The stable financial position is characterised by that PAK-EXPO Ltd. annually increases the nomenclature and production volumes. As of today contracts with the foreign companies-manufacturers and with the Ukrainian factories conclude.

PAK-EXPO Ltd. is adhered to the flexible policy of compromises focused on requests and possibilities of their clients. We offer our clients some kinds of caps for closure PET-bottels. The range of our production allows satisfying any requests of factories-manufacturers of beer, nonalcoholic, dairy production and the manufacturers of juice and vegetable oil too.

The marketing actions which are conducted by the company, directed on an establishment of dynamics of consumer demand and price policy maintenance.

The company constantly works over the development of the service system of the clients, by introduction in a life of new progressive sale forms, constant improvement the quality and reduction the time processing and production outcome.

We constantly aspire to creating for our clients the most possible convenient conditions. Our company is capable to realize the wishes of the clients qualitatively and fast.

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Company Concept Glass – the leader in manufacturing and sale of the decorated glass in the market of Ukraine.

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